Bob and Mary Beth Magan


Bob and Mary Beth Magan

Bob and Mary Beth Magan, Elders

Married for 28 years, Bob and Mary Beth have much wisdom and life experience. Mary Beth is a school teacher at the Epsom Central School and she has patience like a saint, but she won’t say so. Bob is a Wealth Manager with Bank of New Hampshire, which means he is great at numbers. He also has many skills including planning and building and has been a true blessing when it comes to the many church building projects.

Bob and Mary Beth have two children, who are both adults.  Currently, they have Bob’s mother at home and if you are around him enough you will probably hear his phone buzz.  He will pick it up and it will be his mother needing help with something. Bob is quick to help in that regard, and to anything he is skilled at for the church. Bob also leads the Financial Peace University class for the church, and there is no better fit for the job.

Both Bob and Mary Beth add that little something extra to our church community and are great role models for the next generation. They both are upstanding citizens in their community and pour their wisdom back into others lives through their guidance.