Kelley and Allen Gaskin

Elders & Next Gen Directors

Kelley and Allen Gaskin

Allen and Kelley Gaskin, Elders and Cradle to College Overseers 

Allen and Kelley have been married for 23 years, and they have a blended family of 5 children in total with Allen having two biological children and one adopted and Kelley having two which they raised together. They currently have seven grandchildren and counting. They are elders and the leaders of children ministry and oversee the Next Gen for Joy Church. 

Allen is originally from Florida, and he loves tennis and yard work. He is currently in his 2ndyear of retirement from the last job as produce assistant manager at Hannaford. He has done “everything imageable throughout his life.” Allen is a jack of all trades playing a vital part in doing things all around the church, and we are eternally grateful for all his areas of expertise. He moved to New Hampshire in January of 1993, but he still enjoys warm weather and southern cooking. 

Kelley is from Derry NH and purchasing manager at a high-tech manufacturing company. Her largest passions are flower gardening and working with kids. You can tell of her love for the kids because of how she lights up when she is around them. 

They started doing children’s ministry at Grace Capital 16 years ago when the building first opened in Pembroke before they became a part of the Pittsfield campus that became Joy Church because both Kelley and Allen have always learned with children and youth. Allen 30 years ago started working in youth ministry and everywhere he has gone Allen has served in youth ministry except for when Kelley’s two children were in youth to provide them their own space. 

Together Allen and Kelley combined their passions to oversee children’s ministry at Joy Church and to become the overseers of cradle to college also know as Next Gen. They became elders in October 2017 for Joy Church after it became its own independent church. 

What they love is the people at Joy Church because they are so genuine and honest and not anyone but themselves. “The Joy of the Lord is evident” in the people, and they are Spirit-filled.