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Mbula Ratzlaff

Mbula Ratzlaff, Church Council (Voting Member)

Married for 14 years this December to Sterling, and mother of two a daughter Dawnalise and a son Jacques. Mbula is a shining light and a delight to be around. She has lived with her family for the past 14 years in Barnstead, NH but still finds the winters hard when November begins to roll around. Mbula would much prefer a warm climate to that of New Hampshire, but she loves to live here nevertheless.

Mubla is a middle school teacher who loves to garden when she has time. In addition to this, she loves to travel and take road trips with the family. The reason why Mubula loves Joy Church is because of the simplicity of the down to earth community that attends here. She also loves the ability to serve in many capacities all throughout the church. Mbula does a great job in helping run the church café and has just joined the church council this year.

  March 2021  
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