February 2020  
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Mike Mavity, a.k.a. Pastor Mike, Co-Lead Pastor

The first thing you’ll connect with will be the twinkle in his eye. When asked what he’s responsible for, his answer is, “A lot.” You can find him on Facebook under “Mike Mavity” and Instagram @mavinator. Pastor Mike is a man of few words…well…other than Sunday mornings… Mike and his wife Kathy have four daughters and two sons between them, with their youngest, Jake, heading off to college in Fall, 2019.

Mike has a BS in Organizational Management, and an MBA (how cool) with a focus on Leadership help him live out his calling as a Pastor.

Being from Tennessee originally, he loves the warm weather as much as he dislikes the cold weather. He teaches the congregation forgiveness, patience and understanding through his favorite football team (which is NOT the Pats…). If you were to look for him on his day off, you might find him at the beach with Kathy reading a book, or having deep discussions or light banter with other members of the Joy Church family that he loves.

Mike is a Jesus-loving, jeans wearing, regular guy walking out this journey with us. He laughs at his mistakes and is humble at his victories.



Kathy Mavity, a.k.a. Miss Kathy, Co-Lead Pastor, “Women of Joy” co-leader

The warmth of her smile is the first thing you’ll notice. Similar to Mike, when asked what she does, Kathy will answer, “anything and everything.” Kathy was raised Catholic, which gives her insight to help with questions from people with a similar background. She’s also been divorced and knows a thing or two about “blended” families given their “yours, mine and ours” family of 6 children and 6 grandchildren.

Kathy is a great listener and loves to hear people’s stories about their faith, their walk, and their growth and to think through questions people have in those areas. She sings loud (even though she’ll tell you she can’t carry a tune), and she loves all people. She hasn’t found a time yet where she isn’t smiling and looking forward to getting to work at the church. If she’s not at church, Kathy is normally be found at a local coffee shop working and meeting with individuals. Her favorite verse is 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

Around 2003, she started attending Grace Capital with Mike, which led them to co-pastoring as GCC Pittsfield started forming and eventually became Joy Church in September of 2017. During this time, she left her job at Lincoln Financial, where she worked as a Business Analyst and entered full-time ministry. While attending Grace and walking out her calling, she became a licensed and credentialed minister with the Foursquare Denomination, in May of 2013. Kathy is as much as the lead pastor as Mike is even though you will see her more behind the scenes than on the stage. You can reach Kathy at Kathy@Joychurchnh.com and on Instagram and twitter @kmavinator.

Kathy is a Lord-loving, eloquently dressed women of God who loves the color pink, helping in any way possible and she can meet just about anyone right where they are at. Meeting Kathy is like meeting an old friend; you will never remember a time without her because she is such a light.