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Senior Pastor

Kathy Mavity

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Kathy Mavity, Pastor

The first thing you notice about Pastor Kathy is the warmth of her smile.  When asked what she does, Kathy will answer, “anything and everything.” Kathy was raised Catholic, which gives her insight to help with questions from people with a similar background. She’s also been divorced and knows a thing or two about “blended” families given her “yours, mine and ours” family of 6 children and 6 grandchildren.  She has been married to the love of her life and also her best friend Mike for over 20 years.

Kathy is a great listener and loves to hear people’s stories about their faith, their walk, and their growth and to think through questions people have in those areas. She sings loud (even though she’ll tell you she can’t carry a tune), and she loves all people. She hasn’t found a time yet where she isn’t smiling and looking forward to getting to work at the church. If she’s not at church, Kathy is normally be found at a local coffee shop working and meeting with individuals. Her favorite verse is 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

Around 2003, she started attending Grace Capital, which led her to pastoring at GCC Pittsfield when it started forming and eventually became Joy Church in September of 2017. During this time, she left her job at Lincoln Financial, where she worked as a Senior Business Analyst and entered full-time ministry. While attending Grace and walking out her calling, she became a licensed and credentialed minister with the Foursquare Denomination, in May of 2013. You can reach Kathy at Kathy@Joychurchnh.com and on Instagram and twitter @kmavinator.

Kathy is a Lord-loving woman of God always helping in any way possible and she can meet just about anyone right where they are at. Meeting Pastor Kathy is like meeting an old friend; you will never remember a time without her because she is such a light.


Kelly and Allen Gaskin

Allen and Kelly Gaskin, Elders and Cradle to College Overseers 

Allen and Kelly have been married for 23 years, and they have a blended family of 5 children in total with Allen having two biological children and one adopted and Kelly having two which they raised together. They currently have seven grandchildren and counting. They are elders and the leaders of children ministry and oversee the Next Gen for Joy Church. 

Allen is originally from Florida, and he loves tennis and yard work. He is currently in his 2ndyear of retirement from the last job as produce assistant manager at Hannaford. He has done “everything imageable throughout his life.” Allen is a jack of all trades playing a vital part in doing things all around the church, and we are eternally grateful for all his areas of expertise. He moved to New Hampshire in January of 1993, but he still enjoys warm weather and southern cooking. 

Kelly is from Derry NH and purchasing manager at a high-tech manufacturing company. Her largest passions are flower gardening and working with kids. You can tell of her love for the kids because of how she lights up when she is around them. 

They started doing children’s ministry at Grace Capital 16 years ago when the building first opened in Pembroke before they became a part of the Pittsfield campus that became Joy Church because both Kelly and Allen have always learned with children and youth. Allen 30 years ago started working in youth ministry and everywhere he has gone Allen has served in youth ministry except for when Kelly’s two children were in youth to provide them their own space. 

Together Allen and Kelly combined their passions to oversee children’s ministry at Joy Church and to become the overseers of cradle to college also know as Next Gen. They became elders in October 2017 for Joy Church after it became its own independent church. 

What they love is the people at Joy Church because they are so genuine and honest and not anyone but themselves. “The Joy of the Lord is evident” in the people, and they are Spirit-filled.


Bob and Mary Beth Magan

Bob and Mary Beth Magan, Elders

Married for 28 years, Bob and Mary Beth have much wisdom and life experience. Mary Beth is a school teacher at the Epsom Central School and she has patience like a saint, but she won’t say so. Bob is a Wealth Manager with Bank of New Hampshire, which means he is great at numbers. He also has many skills including planning and building and has been a true blessing when it comes to the many church building projects.

Bob and Mary Beth have two girls, who are both adults, one is married, and the other is not yet. Currently, they have Bob’s mother at home and if you are around him enough you will probably hear his phone buzz.  He will pick it up and it will be his mother needing help with something. Bob is quick to help in that regard, and to anything he is skilled at for the church. Bob also leads the Financial Peace University class for the church, and there is no better fit for the job.

Both Bob and Mary Beth add that little something extra to our church community and are great role models for the next generation. They both are upstanding citizens in their community and pour their wisdom back into others lives through their guidance.


Josh and Sherry Mullin

Josh and Sherry Mullin, Elders

Married for 13 years, Sherry and Josh have one daughter, Natalee.

Youth Director

Courtnie Clark

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Married her husband Daryl in 2004. They have two children, Joshua and Hailey and a cat Flynn and they all live together in Barnstead. Courtnie is a registered nurse and loves all things Disney. Most of her time is devoted to spending time with her family and friends.

Courtnie started serving in the baby room at Joy Church, until she had the opportunity to attend the Four Square Kids camp experinece in 2018. Since that camp she has felt God pulling on her heart and guiding her to work with the next generation as a youth group leader, and now the director. She does not take this role lightly. Courtnie believes youth group should be a safe and exciting place for the youth to come together, learn about God and have fun. Her goal is to make youth group something that the kids look forward to every single week.

Church Council (Voting Member)

Darlene Batza

Darlene Batza, “Women of Joy” co-leader, Worship Team Member

As co-leader of “Women of Joy,” she loves to connect with and nurture our ladies as they grow in their walk with Jesus. She works with Pastor Kathy to choose and run different bible studies to help the ladies of Joy learn, question, and be real and open.

As an Army Veteran, she’s had a great deal of leadership training and loves continuing her education and learning new things. After having the joy of being part of many Bible studies over the years, Darlene felt a calling to help lead and organize this important ministry. This was when she joined Kathy as the co-leader of “Women of Joy.” 

Darlene is also a part of the Worship Team, where she feels blessed to lead others into experiencing and glorifying God. She also considers herself a prayer warrior and is willing to serve anywhere, anytime, that she possibly can. From this, you can see that Darlene enjoys doing “anything and everything” to bring our church family together and support opportunities for us to grow.

Her favorite roles in life are Mom to 6 and Gram to 11! Often you will find her with a couple of her grandkids in towe. 

A fun thought from Darlene is that she has a hard time sleeping unless it’s completely dark, so she wonders how she’ll do in Heaven when it’s so bright! (She’s willing to adjust when the time is right.)

Church Council (Voting Member)

Mbula Ratzlaff

Mbula Ratzlaff, Church Council (Voting Member)

Married for 14 years this December to Sterling, and mother of two a daughter Dawnalise and a son Jacques. Mbula is a shining light and a delight to be around. She has lived with her family for the past 14 years in Barnstead, NH but still finds the winters hard when November begins to roll around. Mbula would much prefer a warm climate to that of New Hampshire, but she loves to live here nevertheless.

Mubla is a middle school teacher who loves to garden when she has time. In addition to this, she loves to travel and take road trips with the family. The reason why Mubula loves Joy Church is because of the simplicity of the down to earth community that attends here. She also loves the ability to serve in many capacities all throughout the church. Mbula does a great job in helping run the church café and has just joined the church council this year.

Church Council (Voting Member)

Eric Gustafson

Church Council (Voting Member)

Roy Sprague

Church Bookkeeper and Treasurer

Sherry Mullin

Sherry Mullin, Church Accountant, and Treasurer.

Married for 13 years to Josh, Sherry is a mother to her daughter, Natalee. Sherry’s favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11 “for I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." She loves watching football, playing games with the family, and when it is nice out going out hiking. Sherry and Josh love Joy Church because of the genuine friendships and the love for the Lord displayed by the church leadership.

Church Council (Voting Member)

Barry Paddock

Worship Leader

Jocelyn Perez

Jocelyn Perez, Worship Team Leader

Jocelyn knew she would be a Worship Leader since she was 4 years old. She now has a son that was born in 2012 that seems to be following in her footsteps. You’ll often see him up on stage with the team. In this role, she sees it as her responsibility to first bring the team together to focus on excellence and to be Spirit-filled. Then, the team together will lead the congregation into worship. She’d choose the next member of the team as someone that has a heart for God before someone that has perfect pitch.

She, her husband Nate, and their son, Samuel enjoy fixing up their old house, playing in the yard, walking in nature, going to the beach or lakes and love their horses, fish and a new cat. 

She is inspired the most when listening to people that have walked through a storm and discovered who they are and how firm the rock is upon which they stand.

The most influential person in her life and her hero was her Mom. She has never known another person to seek God more or love others above herself and show by her actions that her most fervent desire was to lead others to a greater and deeper relationship with God.

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